Contestants say that the reality show "Squid Game" has caused them "Torment and Trauma"TV

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Contestants say that the reality show "Squid Game" has caused them "Torment and Trauma"

By Admin  •  February 05, 2023  •  397

Soap2day – "Squid Game: The Challenge," which is on Netflix, seems to turn out to be a disaster. A new report says that four former contestants said that the "Squid Game"-based reality show had cruel working conditions and caused "torment and trauma."

A former player told Rolling Stone, "All the pain and trauma we went through wasn't because of the game or how hard it was." "They took on more than they could handle. They ate more than they could chew."

Many of the people who used to be on the show also said that it was set up. The report said that the show made sure to let some of the contestants, some of whom were Instagram and TikTok influencers, move on to the next round of the competition whether or not they finished a game. "The funny thing is that the original 'Squid Game' was all about equality and fairness," said one of the people who used to play.

Three of the contestants also talked about something they called the "38-second massacre." At the time, a bunch of contestants' blood squib packs went off, and they were all kicked off the reality show at once, even though they had just won a game. "They are now calling it "Rigged Game" instead of "Squid Game." Instead of calling it Netflix, they're calling it "Net Fix" because it was obvious what it was "another player from the past said.

The new report came after it was said that 10 contestants were hurt while they were being filmed, and that medics were called. People said they had pneumonia, a herniated disc, a torn knee tendon, and an ear infection, among other things. IndieWire said that contestants had to stand still for 30 minutes at a time while playing "Red Light, Green Light" in -3°C (26°F) weather during a nine-hour filming session.

In response to the report, a Netflix representative said that the company had "invested in all the right safety procedures" to keep its cast and crew members healthy and safe. The rep also said, "Even though it was very cold on set, and everyone knew that, any claims of serious injuries are not true."